The house
"Founded in 1993, on the shores of Lake Nantua, by Pierre Pernod and Raphaëlle Cavalli, Cotélac is a French brand, renowned for its original and daring positioning in the "designer" ready-to-wear industry."

A signature

Thanks to meticulous work, close to craftsmanship, collection after collection, Cotélac prints culture into its clothing and dresses today's women. Independent, contradictory, deep, light and free women. Our collections are alive. Prints tell a story or hum a song. Pleats make materials vibrate. Colors come to life and collide to create a harmonious whole, both soft and strong.

Two lines

Cotélac and Cotélac acoté. Two brands, two collections. Originally built as a complementary line to Cotélac, acoté has taken off to become a full-fledged brand while maintaining the strong values of a house with historical know-how. Contemporary and creative, committed and responsible, it is known in particular for its simple cuts, timeless basics and original prints. It favors fabrics from French or European houses and natural materials. It is developing in France and internationally among nomadic and urban women, who are concerned with authenticity and beautiful materials.

Preservation of traditional French know-how

For the past fifteen years, Cotélac has chosen to prioritize collaboration with French workshops. This is the case, for example, with the Textile Ennoblement Workshops of La Turdine located in Tarare, near Lyon, or the workshop specialized in cylinder engraving for textile printing located in Saint-Savin in Isère. Partners who, like Cotélac, have been able to maintain their methods and production sites in France.

Choice of noble materials

In love with nature, the choice of raw materials is also essential for the stylists of the house. Treatment of the base thread, manufacturer's know-how, dyeing processes used, final rendering... all aspects are examined in order to select the best materials in terms of quality. With an increasingly marked care for the choice of organic and sustainable materials: mother-of-pearl and corozo for buttons, paper, bamboo, kapok, Cupro... And for pleating and sublimation, synthetic materials from recycling.

A traveling laboratory. Cotélac workshops are firmly anchored in France, near Lyon in Ambérieu. Thanks to the unique know-how of the artisans in its workshops, the pieces are pleated and printed one by one with all the attention they deserve. But the house knows how to open borders: a real traveling textile laboratory allows it to find original and specific know-how beyond its territory. Over the years, it has developed a network of partners - producers and artisans - who use authentic and ancestral methods to create something truly special. Weaving and embroidery on pieces in India, transformation of alpaca in Peru, leather goods in Portugal, fine knit work in China... this sourcing is based on a constant concern for the search for the best raw materials and specific techniques.

Artistic commitment

Open-mindedness, curiosity, passion... these are values that have led Cotélac to support projects and get involved, particularly with emerging artists. Partnership, patronage, collaboration... every season, Cotélac supports artists in their creative development.