Spring-Summer 24 patterns

Rythms is a print that sings, that dances, that transmits the importance of encounters around a music full of crossbreeding and hope. Our Bureau de Style invites us, with the help of a colored pencil, to join in this great moving coloring so that everyone can leave their mark. The ballpoint pen strokes seem to invite us to share a wild dance.


Leaving the festive lanes and Creole songs behind, the atmosphere calms down. Like an explosion of graphic flowers that seem to dance together, the warm, colorful solids have given birth to the Lantanas print. Composed from paper cut-outs, our Bureau de Style was inspired by the exotic flora that abounds in Cape Verde.


A sunny, graphic, shimmering print in a nod to Brava -the island of flowers- located in Cape Verde. Visual and contrasting, a motif imbued with joy, an ode to Cape Verdean richness. The exclusive Brava print was developed by our Design Office.

bagdad cafe
Jasmin's Tricks

Our Style Bureau chose to give a nod to 80s aesthetics with this print created from scanned cut flowers. The Jasmine's tricks print is the result of the marriage of a magical whirlwind of good humor and quirky costumes.

Calling You

The color palette stretches from the acid yellow of a blazing sun to the watery green of a dilapidated bedroom. In reference to Jevetta Steel, the Calling you print was created in our Style Office, with floral compositions melted and reworked with a brush.


Acoté is also the charm of a timeless, summery stripes. Lime green, orange and purple tickle the famous tennis stripe, in a round, light fabric weight fabric, where elegance and nonchalance.

out of africa

The Kithima print reveals an animated bestiary and sketches the contours of an African culture rich in poetry. Through the line and watercolor drawings created by our Bureau de Style, the landscape takes us to a wild, untamed nature, full of freedom.


Far from arid savannahs, the Porcelain print combines precision and attention to detail to illustrate the perfect marriage between delicate materials and dreamy African plants. Through the finesse of the line, highlighted with a hint of watercolor, our Bureau de style takes on botanical drawing in a refined floral composition.


Meaning wish or honor in Swahili, this Liberty-inspired floral print takes us to the heart of nature and the African plains. The exclusive Jalia print has been selected by our Style Bureau.

Little Garden

Feminine, easy-going and timeless, these bouquets of white flowers bring light and freshness to this night garden. The exclusive Little garden print was developed by our Style Bureau.