Since its inception, craftsmanship has been omnipresent at Cotélac. Designs, shapes, knitting, inking, and the famous emblematic pleats are entrusted to in-house workshops. Anchored in Ambérieu-en-Bugey where the manufacturing workshop and fabric stock with a mini washing center to determine their degree of resistance are located, the workshop serves as an experimental laboratory for all models.
Understanding Cotélac means delving into its unique methods of creation implemented for 26 years. Raphaëlle Cavalli knows all about the infinite possibilities of a fabric, but she remains an artist. 'I let my hand go and look at the result. Drawing is automatic writing,' she explains in front of this detailed sketch, ready to become a delightful floral dress. 'The patterns are always small at Cotélac. They twist well and are never invasive.'
Exploring to create exclusive effects and surprises is the other motto of the house. Raphaëlle Cavalli, under her textile designer hat, tirelessly pushes her research: clever matches between fabrics, creative dyes, unprecedented harmonies, specific coatings, two-in-one clothing. Today, at its Ambérieu-en-Bugey site, Cotélac has the technical and human means for innovative French production.
Relentlessly pushing research: a clever match of fabrics, creative dyes, specific coatings... Cotélac recovers and saves four old and unique pleating machines. These machines can transform fabrics into sun, small tight pleats, fine, rounded or micro-bubbled pleats that will forever retain their shape memory. Restored, new possibilities are discovered for them. The pleating games will be constantly reinvented, enriched and highlighted by the work of overprinting exclusive Cotélac prints.