A bridge was created by Raphaëlle Cavalli during her studies at the Fine Arts School of Lyon, between contemporary art and craftsmanship. The driving force behind it is the love of working with materials, which has never left the Cotélac creative workshops. Each piece is pleated in collaboration between man and machine, in a movement that makes it unique. Rare.
The success of Cotélac is largely linked to the quality of its clothing and unique know-how, implemented within its workshops. Sensitized to graphic creation, through its work around the pattern, Cotélac is also interested in contemporary illustration. The history of the brand is thus punctuated by research and innovations, articulating style and the use of unprecedented processes. Cotélac is renowned for its original patterns, designed in its workshops.
"They form the graphic condensates of her inspirations, composed of underwater backgrounds, children's drawings, and joyful animals. Raphaëlle Cavalli's line is simple, poetic, with in the background cuts made in the workshops, accurate proportions that exactly reflect the spirit of the times. Raphaëlle thus invents an identity aesthetic. As an artist, she plays with almost pointillist motifs and colors with stunning brilliance. This complete work exercised in the greatest freedom, the uncompromising pursuit of beauty and the "hand of the garment", has anchored this notoriety that shines beyond borders."

The pleasure of anticipation, of letting imagination run wild and throwing oneself wholeheartedly into one's work are the incredible values that make this company stand out. The proof is in the images with a collection as exclusive as it is exceptional in its patterns.