"From season to season, we find them in all our collections. These pieces are called "timeless". But how do they become so?"

1 - Color
A black pants or dress; a white shirt; a beige, navy or khaki coat... We all have one of these pieces in our wardrobes. These so-called "neutral" colors are so easy to wear and combine that they are here to stay.
Additional advantage: we can mix them with stronger shades without risking to look like a Christmas tree!


2 - The cut
Straight shape, a little loose for a jacket or pants, flared for a dress or skirt. Some cuts more easily enhance the silhouette than others. So it's no surprise to find them year after year.

3 - Functionality

If we look for the origin of so-called timeless clothing, we often realize that they were initially created for "functional" purposes: trench coats or parkas for the military, durable jeans for pioneers in the West, t-shirts, polo shirts or tracksuits for athletes... By going beyond their initial function, these clothes have gradually become timeless and have become part of everyday clothing.
Without being uniforms, they are so practical that they have become true wardrobe basics.

"4 - Stylistic reference Even if timeless pieces do not fit into a fleeting fashion (that's precisely what makes them "timeless"), some wardrobe classics were imagined from a well-known trend, endlessly declined. Perfect example: the marinière introduced into women's wardrobes in 1913 by Gabrielle Chanel. Since 2003, it has been revisited in a knit version by Raphaëlle Cavalli with a model composed of complex staggered stripe patterns. Since then, this little knitting marvel has become a flagship piece of the collection, renewed every year thanks to a slight detail. Every year it is and will remain timeless! Below are the models for summer 2021, winter 2021, and winter 2022."

5 - Quality

Quality of materials as well as finishes. A garment may have a timeless cut, but it cannot be kept for very long if it fades quickly, tears or if its seams gradually come apart... The pieces offered by Cotélac have been designed to last.

Below, 100% Merino wool sweater, wool/mohair cardigan and 100% cotton blouse with small natural mother-of-pearl buttons.