No copy-paste at Cotélac. We prefer to trust our instincts. Leave room for boldness and curiosity.
Playing with material
Since the beginning, with our Maison machines, at Cotélac, we love working with materials, reinventing pleating techniques, crushing, bubbling, sublimation... It is this artisanal, industrial, and somewhat experimental aspect that makes our pieces unique. Not to mention, of course, the creation of our exclusive prints which, season after season, sign our collections.
Our inspirations? They come from our emotions. Those aroused by our travels, memories of landscapes crossed, unexpected discoveries... Sometimes, we spontaneously remember a few notes that accompany beautiful stories. Melodies that instantly remind us of endearing characters, a particular atmosphere.
#Through the Looking Glass
Do you remember Alice and the White Rabbit who runs after time? Directly inspired by Lewis Caroll's novel, our collection gives pride of place to imagination by reinterpreting some of the key themes of the book: The mirror with its inverted patterns and infinite reflections; A giant chessboard: contrasting colors, opposing squares, small and large. A reversed world: without really logical rules... Make way for new standards of unbridled creativity and innovation.
#The Foam of the Days
"Freed from all constraints and logic, make way for the absurd and irrational in Boris Vian's flagship novel. Do you remember Colin? The main character who must constantly supply flowers to Chloe, his lover. Not just to demonstrate his passion on a daily basis. It's about keeping her alive. The only remedy: flowers to "scare" the water lily growing in her lungs. The exuberance of the plant has logically invaded the theme and is reflected in all the pieces of this collection."
#Stardust Memories
In a musical tone dear to Raphaëlle Cavalli, this bittersweet comedy by Woody Allen looks back on past loves. From this jazzy and melancholic evocation, the collection takes up the nostalgic atmosphere in black and white. And like a musical improvisation, notes of yellow and green come to enhance some pieces.