"Ample, oversized XXL, fitted... as trends play with sizes and proportions, how can you be sure to select the right size for yourself? You can choose to be comfortable in your clothes without wanting to disappear in an ill-fitting outfit. You may prefer to wear fitted pieces without suffering from being too tight and losing the freedom of your movements... "At first, stylists have an idea of volume when they give us their sketches. Then there is always an exchange and adjustments," explains Mélanie, head of the study office at Cotélac. "We stop widths according to volume codifications." The same goes for lengths. The product can then evolve with fittings. "There are sometimes differences between what is planned on the pattern and the garment due to the washes we do for tests and trials. But, as we have a range of dimensions, we always manage to fit the product into the desired volume category." Also, on the site, the mere description of a garment's volume is not always enough to find your way around and select the right size. "In the comfort of a garment, there are two things," Mélanie explains: "the structure and the way we want to wear it. And that's different for everyone. A good tip would be to be able to compare with your own clothes." Fortunately, specific criteria guide the definition of sizes and volumes. They differ for tops and bottoms."
Attention for jackets/coats, there is a half-chest difference between the top and bottom pieces, so you need to add 2cm.
To these codified volumes, we can add the square volume that is often found at Cotélac: it is a straight volume with a length practically equivalent to its width (example: 52/54 cm for a size 1).
Visual overview of the different volumes...
Choosing the right clothing size is essential to feel comfortable and enhance your silhouette. If you prefer loose and comfortable clothing, you can opt for oversized XXL pieces that will allow you to move freely while remaining elegant. But be careful not to get lost in an ill-fitting outfit that could make you appear more voluminous than you really are. If you prefer more fitted clothing, it is important to choose the right size to avoid feeling too tight and losing your freedom of movement. Fitted pieces can enhance your silhouette and give you an elegant and sophisticated look. However, it is important to avoid choosing a size that is too small, which could make you look uncomfortable and uneasy. In summary, the choice of clothing size depends on your personal preferences and your morphology. It is important to find a balance between comfort and elegance to feel good in your clothes and enhance your silhouette. Do not hesitate to try different sizes and cuts to find the ones that suit you best. Deliveries are offered in Click & Collect and returns are free for any order in Metropolitan France (excluding Outlet and commercial operations).