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Head office

ZA en Pragnat Nord
rue du Professeur
Luc Montagnier
BP 60134
01506 Amberieu en Bugey
T. +33 (0)4 37 63 11 11
F. +33 (0)4 37 63 10 30

Press office

Argellies RP
32 rue d’argout
75002 Paris
T. +33 (0)1 55 34 75 35

Eshop office

Du lundi au vendredi
De 9h à 12h et de 14h à 17h
T. +33 (0)4 37 63 11 11

Work with us

Do you have a passion for fashion, artistic expression and everything creative? As part of its international development strategy, Cotélac is looking for partners who share its values to enable it to develop its distribution network and open more new stores in cities with populations over 75,000.

Interested? Then please contact us at the following e-mail address:

We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project.