2019 Fall-Winter Collection

The Cotélac Studios are pleased to present their new collection. Made to the sound of vintage machines and inspired by distant lands, this winter collection is in perfect harmony with the label’s historic skills. Pleating, dye-sublimation printing, heat pressing, embroidery, exclusive prints...

Time seems to stand still when you stand before these machines from bygone days. Within the Cotélac Studios, our artisan pleaters work like true sculptors, repeating an age-old gesture on the machines to make each garment unique. Each season, in this joyous ballet of the pleating machines, the Cotélac collection is born..

Talent Scout

Driven by the passion of music, Raphaëlle Cavalli likes to give every season a musical color to her collections. Once more Cotélac is showing its unconditional love for the new music scene, and offering Talisco’s tracks free of charge in stores.