This season Cotélac takes you between salt and sky on a wild epic in which dazzling white shades assert themselves in a mineral silence, and a white-coated horse roves towards two modern amazons of the sensuous and feminine type.


On the outskirts of a lunar landscape, The horse now appeased roams over the dune And nearby, like sentinels, they engage in body games. Fleeting shadows that skim the crystal surface With their playful, tanned, fine hands.

Deep indigos, yellow curry from Africa, the collection invites the ethnic and the graphic in the heart of landscapes disheveled by the winds of the south. Cotélac caters to wandering women, craving for poetic evasion with an oversea atmosphere fluttering about them with its burnt ochre shades, Sienna earth and revisited Madras.

Driven by the passion of music, Raphaëlle Cavalli likes to give every season a musical color to her collections. Sensitive chords, warm voice, mixed with blues, Cotélac gets carried away by a big wind of folk in the heart of the plains of Camargue and presents his musical crush of the season: Tom Leeb. An acoustic guitar, a rock sound, sweet and wild, his mesmerizing ballads accompany Cotélac until the heart of summer, like a soundtrack for the collection.